Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A New Stitchery Club

Stitching Society with Pamala

JOIN THIS NEW CLUB THAT STARTS IN SEPTEMBER AND GET STITCHING - all levels from beginners to intermediate are welcome.

Make hexagon motifs using wool, cotton or flannel for your backgrounds. Learn new stitches each month to enhance your applique. Turn the hexagons in to a quilt, or use them for smaller projects, or both.

Each month includes the following:

·         Pamala will share a brief history about various products related to stitching. You will receive a packet which includes 15 hexagon motifs (these are printed on paper that is already hole punched and ready for a binder)-at the end of 12 months, you will have 180 total motifs to use for your applique. Motifs range from flowers, to seasonal, to animals, etc..

·         1 pattern that utilizes the hexagon motifs -these projects include a binder cover for the binder that holds your motifs, a hexagon needle keeper, a hexagon holder for the stitch cards your will be receiving. You will have 12 small hexagon motif related projects by at the end of 12 months

·         Stitch cards that illustrate the stitches Pamala will be teaching that month.    These cards will be cut out and inserted in a hexagon holder that you will make in one of the monthly projects. There are 44 stitch cards.


·         A recipe that will fit in your binder for a total of 12 at the end

·         ALSO included in the club is a binder with dividers to hold your monthly motifs and recipes, a bobbin holder with a few bobbins of Aurifil wool thread that is wonderful to stitch with. Additional bobbins of wool thread in various colors will be available to purchase. Empty bobbins can be returned for credit towards the purchase of another bobbin of thread. Two Hexagon rulers to use for cutting your monthly projects.

·         Each month you can purchase the wool or fabric for your monthly motifs and projects, or bring your stash. Combine different threads, such as Pearl Cotton, Valdani, the Aurifil wool thread to add interest to your monthly projects.

CLUB STARTS IN SEPTEMBER - It will be held the first Monday of each month, except September will be the second Monday due to Labor Day. YOU CAN STILL JOIN EVEN IF YOU CAN'T COME TO THE MONTHLY MEETINGS. JUST PICK UP YOUR PACKET FROM THE SHOP EACH MONTH.  
PRICE - $18.00 per month - 1st and last months due upon sign up